The foundations of our company was laid by late Feramuz SARAÇOĞLU in 1968. We have started to our first activities in Siteler, Ankara by lumbering industry, and we have been providing services by our faithful and reliable business sense from that date to this.

Saraçoğlu Boya expanded its product range in 1987, and started to have a voice in painting and hardware industry.

The company signed agreements on sales representation and dealership with many well-known painting companies which are leaders of their sector due to Cevdet and Cevat SARAÇOĞLU brothers’ successful venture in 1982.

Saraçoğlu Boya is not satisfied with the point it has reached from 1968 to this, continues its works to reach out the future which will improve the company.

Our Vision
To be one of strong electronic companies in Turkey and targeted countries, and find solutions aiming at creativity and profitability with the principle of “people first”.

Our Mission

  • To be one of architects of technologies enhancing the human life.
  • Our Values
  • Honesty
  • Concern
  • Excitement
  • Importance to human life
  • Knowledge
  • Professionalism

It aims to develop the technology in every progress. It aims at perfection in being useful and helpful of products, services it provides, interaction with environment and its competitiveness.